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A significant portion of our current and past clients, are 1031 exchange clients.  We have been a part of hundreds of complete and partial exchange cycles nationwide.  As a result we have developed long-term relationships with owners, investors, developers, brokers and exchange intermediaries.  This allows us to easily formulate exchange scenarios and later complete the process with high client satisfaction.  Due to our experience our clients are ensured to receive services tailored specifically to their particular situation.

Please feel free to read below for explanation of 1031 Exchange Process.  If you would like to discuss your situation or scenario with our experts please contact our office for a free telephone consultation.


Taxpayers have had the option of deferring the recognition of a capital gains tax by Exchanging real property, rather than engaging in a sale and subsequent purchase, since 1921. And although much has changed since then, the basic concept remains: A properly structured Tax Deferred Exchange under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, allows an owner of real property, the Exchanger, to defer the recognition of a capital gains tax normally recognized on the sale of real property, if the exchanger buys a like kind property of equal or greater value and uses all of its cash equity in the subsequent purchase.

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