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Investment Associate

About Filip

Filip Hernas embodies the epitome of excellence within the commercial real estate landscape, particularly in his role as a distinguished Investment Associate at Prime Net Lease. With a specialized focus on single and multi-tenant net lease properties nationwide, Filip has cultivated an unparalleled expertise, notably in Quick-Service Restaurants and Dollar Stores, representing esteemed brands such as Slim Chickens, Wendy's, Dollar General, and more.
His extensive tenure in the industry is marked by a demonstrated proficiency in facilitating intricate 1031 exchanges, coupled with a nuanced comprehension of market dynamics. Filip's commitment to precision, coupled with his unwavering attention to detail and adept communication skills, ensures that each client engagement is met with the highest standards of service excellence.
However, Filip's value proposition extends far beyond conventional transactional relationships. He embodies the ethos of strategic partnership, actively contributing to the strategic growth and optimization of his clients' real estate portfolios. Through a bespoke approach tailored to individual client needs, Filip safeguards their best interests while fostering enduring, mutually beneficial collaborations.
Filip's adept navigation of the transaction lifecycle, from meticulous deal underwriting to skilled contract negotiation, showcases his acumen and dedication to delivering optimal outcomes. Even amidst unforeseen challenges, his adept communication remains an invaluable asset, instilling confidence and trust in his clients throughout the process.
A proud member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), Filip remains steadfast in his commitment to professional development and industry connectivity. Beyond his professional endeavors, Filip finds fulfillment in nurturing personal relationships, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through pursuits such as weightlifting and running.
In essence, Filip Hernas epitomizes the pinnacle of excellence within Prime Net Lease, embodying a rare blend of expertise, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to client success.

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